Dahabshiil Bank: The World’s Most Innovative Financial Institution!

Dahabshiil Bank International, enables you to make easy and dependable transfers wherever you are. Dahabshiil’s money transfer service can help you deliver funds all over the world in seconds. The setup process is fast and simple. However Dahabshiil Bank Somalia is the world’s most innovative financial institution but why?

Introduction to Dahabshiil Bank Somalia

Dahabshiil Bank International (DBI), also known as the Dahabshiil International Commercial Bank, is a Somaliland-based bank with its headquarters in Hargeisa. Dahabshiil Bank International is a major bank in Djibouti. It is a division of the DGH Group Dahabshiil.

The bank can attract significant foreign direct investment from the Gulf region. In early 2014, it became an officially recognized institution in Somaliland. Later that year, in Hargeisa, the country’s capital, the bank opened its first branch.

Dahabshiil Bank International had issued $70 million in loans to the local financial, livestock, agriculture, health, and education sectors as of November 2014. According to Manager Abdirashid Mohamed Saed, the bank plans to open more branches throughout Somaliland.

Clients can access business and international banking, as well as personal and private banking, through the bank. It also serves as a location for commodity exchange.

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Dahabshiil Bank Somalia – Promoting Sharia banking

Dahabshil Bank International was expected to fill a void in the Somali peninsula’s Islamic financial services market due to a lack of access to finance. They plan to make Islamic finance accessible and affordable to merchants and potential executives so that they can start and grow their businesses.

Dahabshiil Bank International (DBI) is a full-fledged sharia bank licensed by both the Somali and Somaliland Central Banks. The bank was founded in 2012, with a primary focus on East Africa, the Gulf region, Western Europe, and North America. It works with first-rate after-sales service, Sharia’s highest ethical standards, and cutting-edge automation to provide its customers with cost-effective goods and services.

Since its inception, the bank has experienced tremendous growth in terms of balance sheet size and system, and the bank’s products continue to be in high demand.

Dahabshiil Personal Banking

Saving Account: Dahabshil Savings Account is a Sharia-compliant facility that is one of the conservative investment options. This allows customers to safely restore their additional funds with the bank.

A savings account is an interest-bearing deposit account in which savings are kept separate from deposit funds. If you have a long-term investment, making regular deposits and watching it grow can help motivate you to save for various goals such as new furniture, a wedding, a vehicle, or a vacation.

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Current Account

Whether you are a salary earner or a small business owner, Dahabshiil Bank’s Personal Current Account is an excellent way to keep your money safe while making it easy to send and receive funds. The account also allows you to manage your transactions whenever and wherever you want by utilizing the bank’s network of branches, agents, and electronic channels.

Asset Financing

The bank’s asset financing offers one-of-a-kind services to help you afford your dream asset. Dahabshil Bank’s tailor-made facilities allow you to finance your dreams and make them a reality, from purchasing your dream car to building your dream home.

Among the financing options are:

  • Automobile Financing
  • Financing for your home Electronics financing
  • Finance for furniture
  • Microfinance

ATM Card/Master Debit Card

Dahabshiil Bank also offers a unique range of debit cards to help you meet your needs, whether you want to take advantage of additional benefits from your bank or you want a safer, faster way to pay your bills.

Your Dahabshil Mastercard Debit Card gives you easy access to the funds in your account when and where you need it. Getting access to your cash is simple whether you are at the supermarket, shopping online, using the bank’s local ATM network for cash withdrawals, or traveling abroad.

Dahabshil Bank cards, in collaboration with Mastercard, provide you with cash flexibility by utilizing the world’s largest ATM network.

Business Banking

Dahabshil Bank offers business solutions to help you take your organization to the next level of financial success. It provides a variety of business banking packages, products, and services, as well as payroll solutions. Their solutions assist your company in reaching its full potential. You also get the following with their business banking services:

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Competitive pricing
  • Simple procedure
  • Banking for Businesses online
  • SMS banking 

Dahabshiil Bank: Real Estate Financing

Dahabshil can assist you with commercial property finances if you are looking to buy commercial property and need financing. The bank provides the best real-estate financing for property purchases, as well as a personal approach and professional expertise.

Rather than offering limited ‘off-the-shelf’ mortgage products, as most other banks do, they will collaborate with you to provide bespoke financial services. Their ambition is to become Somaliland’s go-to company for dependable real-estate services. To accomplish this, they provide genuine value through transparent, tailored, and straightforward packages.

Dahabshiil Bank: Diaspora Banking

Dahabshiil Diaspora banking, which is specifically designed for customers living abroad, allows customers to access the bank’s full range of products and services. This is done in a convenient, safe, and easy manner while also meeting their banking needs.

Diaspora banking provides an excellent opportunity for those living abroad to gain access to a diverse range of financial products and services that meet their specific needs in terms of convenience and security.

Dahabshiil  Bank: Money transfer to somalia

Diaspora financing products, investment accounts, and current accounts for daily transactions for those in the diaspora are all included. You can get in touch with one of the bank agents to open up your diaspora account.

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Dahabo Account for Women

Dahabo Banking for Women was created specifically to meet the needs of DBI’s female clients. Dahabo is a Somali name that means “Gold,” and it reflects the regard they have for their female clients.

Dahabo’s female clients will receive tailor-made financial solutions that will add real value to their lifestyle, family, and business.

In this project, the bank provides the following accounts:

  • Dahabo Savings Account.
  • Dahabo Current Account.
  • Dahabo Islamic Fixed Deposit.
  • Dahabo Islamic Investment.

Dahabshiil Bank App

You can use the services of Dahabshiil Bank by registering on their online platform. However, you mustn’t share your login information with anyone else to protect your financial and personal information. While creating your account, you can learn more about account security. If you require assistance, you can call the bank’s helpline.

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