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Galmudug News

Galmudug is one of the most centrally located regions in Somalia. Its capital is Dhusmareb and the area is home to approximately 2.2milion as of 2019. Located approximately 750km away from Mogadishu, this unique region is home to pristine coastline, unique natural landscapes and a wealth of vibrant history. 

In 2006, Galmudug’s autonomy was established. Galmudug is going through a transient process following the ending of the civil war, and is sure to be a bustling travel destination in the future. Dhusamareb is the capital of this unique region. 

Dhusamareb is located 511km away from Mogadishu. Home to many education institutes and universities, this city is home to almost 151,000 people. We recommend including Hobyo and Hobyo Beach in your visit to this area. 

Hobyo is an ancient port city that was founded by the Ajuran Empire in the 13th century. This city has a wealth of historical landmarks for you to explore. The climate here is lovely and there are plenty of beaches to enjoy here. Hobyo beach is one of the most well-known, with sandy beaches and warm waters that are perfect for swimming in. 

Here are some key Galmudug news: