Garowe: A city on the rise

Garowe, Somalia, is located in the Nugaal Valley, bordered on the north, west, and south by steadily rising high plateaus that often reach heights of 500 to 1,000 meters (1,600 to 3,300 feet) above sea level.

A large number of valleys and dry watercourses cut through the western portion of the same plateau. The economy is based on raising animals, while wild trees are used to gather frankincense and myrrh.

Garowe is one of Somalia’s cities that is noted for its quick development. Find out how by reading on.

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Martisoor Hotel,Garowe

Historical Background

In the nineteenth century, Boqor Osman Mahamud, the cousin of Sultan Yusuf Ali Kenadid of the Sultanate of Hobyo, governed the Majeerteen Sultanate, which included Garowe and a sizable portion of northeastern Somalia. Later, during the colonial era, the city would be annexed into Italian Somaliland.

Garowe was elevated to the status of district hub for Nugaal after independence. Early in the 1970s, the city would once again be designated as the regional capital of a region that included Las Anod and Eyl. This new administrative region would be known as Nugal, and it would span the Nugal Valley.

Geographical facts

In the center of the Puntland area, in northeastern Somalia, sits the town of Garowe. Along with Gillab (4.8 nm) to the east, Qalqalooc (15.3 nm) to the northeast, Libaax Seexay (2.5 nm) to the north, and Geida Debabo (12.2) to the northwest, Bixin (5.9 nm) to the west.

It is situated near Lugo (6.0 nm) to the southwest, Salaxley (5.3 nm) to the south, and War Weytan to the southeast are all nearby (9.7 nm). Qardho (205 km), Galkayo (216 km), and Erigavo are the three largest cities closest to Garowe (275 km).

Garowe Weather

The climate in Garowe is hot and dry (Köppen climate classification BWh). As a result, the climate is typically warm, sunny, and dry. The months of November to February experience the coldest average temperatures, with thermometer readings between 23 and 25 °C (73.4 and 77.0 °F).

As the rainy season in April gets underway, the weather gradually warms up in the spring. Over the summer, the average temperature rises to a peak of about 41 °C or 105.8 °F. September marks the beginning of a slow return to moderation.

The average annual rainfall is only 133 millimeters (5.2 inches). But, the majority of the time, the sky is bright and clear.

Political Background

After Bosaso and Galkayo, Garoowe is the third-largest city in Puntland. The regional parliament, the presidential palace, and the executive branch of government are all located in the Nugal province, which occupies the region’s geographic center.

Ahmed Said Musse currently serves as the mayor of Garowe (Ahmedbarre). On August 29, 2018, municipal council members chose him.

Puntland is named after the Land of Punt, which is referenced in ancient Egyptian records. However, its precise location is still unknown. While some academics contend that the Land of Punt existed somewhere else, many contend that it was situated in what is now Somalia.

Garowe Transportation

A 750 km long motorway runs north to south through Garowe. Bosaso and Galkayo, two significant cities in the nation’s north, are connected to southern towns by this route. The principal artery between Garowe and Galkayo underwent renovation work in 2012, according to the Puntland Highway Authority (PHA).

In June 2012, the transportation agency also started a project to renovate and fix the expansive Garowe-Bosaso Highway. Additionally, there are plans to build new highways linking the region’s coastal communities to the major thoroughfare.

Garowe Airport, a significant airport located about 12 kilometers from the city center, serves local air transportation needs. Under the direction of the Ministry for Civil Aviation and Airports, it was formally inaugurated in 2010.

garowe airport
Garowe Airport

A public-private collaboration was used to complete the first phase of the airport’s development over seven years, with the Garowe-based Mubarak construction business largely contributing to the project’s success.

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The airport also tries to follow the international civil aviation organization’s requirements for air transportation (ICAO).

Popular Social Spots in Garowe

Garowe Puntland, Popular Social Spots in Garowe
Grand Hotel, Garowe

Garowe is a major contributor to authentic Somalian cuisine. With several well-rated restaurants, the city is partially known for its good food, contributing to the unique Somalian culture. Some top-rated Garowe restaurants include Africana Halal Restaurant, Grand Hotel, Sagal Hotel, and Café Barbera.

The Mire Aware Stadium, a sports venue with around 15,000 people, is also located in the Garowe area. The Somali National Football Tournament was held there in 2010, the first national football tournament since the start of the civil war in 1987.

The tournament was the first to be staged outside of Mogadishu and was put on by the Puntland government in cooperation with the Somali Football Federation.

Garoowe also offers a variety of lodging options. The Meka Hotel, located downtown, is one of these inns and lodgings.

There are several educational centers and institutes in Garowe. The Garowe District is home to 30 primary schools, reports the Puntland Ministry of Education. Al Xikma, Mayle, Wabari, and Darwiish are some of these; they are called after the Dervish State of Diiriye Guure. The nearby Alwaha, Gambol, Nawawi, and Nugal High secondary schools.

This is also where the main campus of Puntland State University is situated. The Garowe Institution of Management, a women’s college in Garowe that offered courses in business management, accounting, computer skills, and business English, served as the foundation for the new school.

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The institution was enlarged to follow a two-year framework and renamed the Puntland Community College after graduating 60 students in its first year (PCC).

To conclude

Like many cities in the politics-torn country of Somalia, Garowe is no stranger to hardships and struggles.

However, unlike some, Garowe has seen a major spike in economic developments, which have ultimately played a role in a better quality of life for its residents. There is no doubt that the city still has a long way to go, but Garowe may easily be termed a rapidly rising city of Somalia.

Writer: Mustafa Mmj

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