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Hirshabelle news and travel information

Hirshabelle is bordered by Galmudug, South West Somalia and Ethiopia. It’s coastline is a part of the Indian Ocean coast, and the region has a unique coastline and lovely sandy beaches for you to enjoy. Jowhar is the capital of Hirshabelle.

Hirshabelle has a population of approximately 3.7 million in 2020. The currency that is used here is the Somali shilling. The climate here is warm and tourists will enjoy having year-round warm temperatures to enjoy the beautiful beaches here. 

Hirshabelle has a unique culture and has a wealth of war history. You can see all the history in the buildings located here, and the beautiful people are always willing to share their culture with tourists.

Here are some of the recent Hirshabelle news

Jowhar, the capital of Hirshabelle offers a unique travel experience. Located only 90km north of Mogadishu, this city has a long history. Owned by the Ajuran Empire in the Middle Ages, there are many historic landmarks that celebrate this time in Jowhar’s history. 

Jowhar also spent time as part of Italian Somaliland, before receiving independence in 1960. When it was Italian Somaliland, the Villaggio Duca ddhegli Abruzzi was founded.  A member of the Italian Royal Family invested a lot of time and money into building dams, roads, a railway, a church and a mosque here. This destination is a must-see for its uniqueness. 

Adale Beach is a well-known tourist hotspot in the area. Home to the coastal town of Adale, this area is known for its stunning, picturesque beach. You will love swimming in the warm waters here, and enjoy looking at all the natural sea-life that calls this place home. 

Warsheikh beach is another tourist-friendly beach that you should visit within this region. It’s located in the historic Islamic centre, and offers plenty of warm water and picturesque natural landscapes to enjoy.