Jazeera Beach: The Most Beautiful Beach in Somalia!

Jazeera Beach or Xeebta Jazeera lies on the shore of the Somalia city near Mogadishu, capital of Somalia. Located on the outskirts of the city, Jazeera Beach Mogadishu is the second most popular beach of Somalia. It is frequented by locals as well as tourist from countries such as Germany, Turkey, UK, Malaysia etc. Locals love seeing foreigners visiting this beach because it signifies that peace has returned to Somalia.

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A little about the city in which this beach is located in. Mogadishu is not just the capital of Somalia but also its largest city and one of the major ports of Somalia. Its origins can be dated back to the 10th century. In the past, it was home to Arab settlements and later on sultan of Zanzibar conquered it in 1871.

Later on, in 1892, the Italians took control of all of Somalia and with it Magadishu. It was first leased and then sold to them under pressure from the British by the then rulers. From then on, Mogadishu has become a prosperous capital inhabited by 150,000 citizens. It has come a long way from only a few thousand people living in ‘medieval’ times. It is now known as ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

There is a lot to do on this beach! Friday is a specially busy day for Jazeera beach because it’s the only weekly holiday in this country. On this day, sea folk look to earn by offering boating rides to tourists ($5-$20 per 20 minutes). There is always room to haggle. These tours give tourists a ride around the shore as well as to Arim Omascia, a beautiful Island located on the horizon of this beach.

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That’s not all! Restaurants nearby offer delicacies famous in Somalia, and this largely consist of fish. Tourists love sitting in the shade and savoring what these restaurants have to offer. The most famous of these restaurants is The Village.

The Village is a well-known restaurant which the tourists love to stay at and eat. The restaurant itself has a great story. The chef here is a foreigner and has been called the most ‘optimistic restauranter’ in the world. He set up this restaurant when Somalia had not fully recovered from civil war.

At one time he had to hire guards with AKs to ensure security. Now, he faces normal problems such as finding competent staff and sourcing fresh ingredients! Mogadishu has one of the most expensive electricity in the world which makes freezing ingredients unfeasible, so restaurants here just get fresh fish. This just makes the food taste better.

The menu revolves around marinaded and grilled fish and sea food. The chef’s food has blends of British West Midlands and Solihull catering college (where he graduated from), with a touch his own Indian spices. Prawn curry is quite popular here and sometimes lobsters are served when it is their season.  It is not a surprise when the VIPs pull up to enjoy the sometimes ‘spicy’ cuisine here.

The chef’s endurance and his skill has made this restaurant and the food it serves, a delicacy in not just Jazeera Beach but the whole of Mogadishu! Where are all the foodies at?

On the sides, you will spot locals selling souvenirs such as unique shells which are specific to Somalian shores, and exotic necklaces. Besides that, there are camel rides, bicycle rentals, rickshaw rides and what not.

Furthermore, visitors can even see the animal market located at the Beach where cows, goats, and camels are sold. All the animal lovers can have a great time here. In addition, some enthusiasts might be eager to see the salt mining processes that take place at the beach

Although, the beach gets crowded sometimes, the 1.5km length of the beach ensures there is always a spot for people who just want a quiet place to relax, sit back, and soak in the view. They can this bathe in the cool, clear water privately or publicly, according to their own preference!

It is home to the most aesthetic views. The skyline, the mesmerizing island, the sunsets all add up to the perfect destination. Your Instagram is bound to be popular after one visit here.

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Although there are no hotels or resorts right at the beach, but some nearby hotels include Jazeera Palace Hotel. This picturesque hotel offers its tourists all kinds of amenities as well as WIFI. For people who work out every day, there is a fitness center. The foodies do not have to worry because the restaurant offers a great menu which is bound to satisfy your taste buds.

You might be wondering when the best time would be to visit this pristine beach. You can visit it throughout the year! Yes! We are not kidding. Somalia’s hot climate makes it a perfect location for beaches. Rainfall, which is rare, only occurs between May and August which makes Jazeera Beach a perfect location all year round.

It is frequented by government officials and leaders, so the security of the beach is kept very high and hence is not a cause of concern for the visitors.

So, what is the difference between Liido beach Mogadishu and Jazeera beach you ask? It is located 13km away from the city and you can only get there through some sort of personal transport. This makes it comparatively less crowded, and the water clearer. Plus Road Trips!!!!

To give you an independent perspective, a review from a satisfied tourist reads, ‘it’s a very very beautiful place, White Sand, Blue Ocean, Part of Indian Ocean, and its quite place, one of the best places to visit in Mogadishu.’

Thousands of tourists just like him come here and have the time of their lives. You can be one of them. Don’t you want to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Just spread your legs and have fun? If so, Jazeera Beach is perfect for you! Get that beach body ready, put on the sunscreen and get on the ride to the beach!

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One of the best Gardens in Mogadishu near Jazeera Beach

Video: Daarusalaam Garden, Mogadishu

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