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Jubbaland news and travel information: Jubbaland offers some of the best outdoors activities that are often overlooked for its‘ theme parks. Here are travel guides to natural springs, beaches, hikes, cycling, and everything outdoors in Jubbaland.

Visit Jubbaland

Jubbaland is a region located in the south of Somalia. Home to over 950,000 people, Jubbaland is known for its impressive river, the Jubba river. The capital of Jubbaland is Kismayo, which is situated on the impressive coastline. 

Jubbaland has an extensive history. In the Middle Ages, it was home to the Somali Ajuran Sultanate and was later incorporated into the British East Africa. Jubbaland was occupied by Italy for a time in 1925 before becoming independent in 1960.

Jubbaland has many historic landmarks. A few battles of the civil war were fought here, and the country has many historical war landmarks available for tourists to explore. The region is now a lot safer and has gone through a lot of urbanisation recently. A large investment into tourism infrastructure here means that there are many new hotels, attractions and dining experiences for tourists to enjoy. 

Kismayo is a must-visit for tourists. This city is renowned for its incredible sunsets and pristine, white sandy beaches. Kismayo has not been spoiled by tourists, s o there is a lot of natural landmarks and native wildlife to see in this area. Kismayo is renowned for being a hidden paradise in Somalia, and we recommend that tourists visit here for the amazing beaches. 

Kismayo is home to several beautiful mosques that tourists will be able to explore. There are many unique cultural experiences available on the archipelago of islands just off the coast of Kismayo. The best time to visit Jubaland is from February to April, as the weather is super warms and it is the best time to enjoy the phenomenal beaches. 

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