Top 5 Best Mogadishu Hotels (with Photos)

Mogadishu hotels: Visiting a war-torn country in the middle of an uprising militia might not be one of the best destinations to visit for a vacation but for those such as diplomats, UN peacekeeping force and volunteers, and community aid people or red cross volunteers choosing a safe hotel is the most important priority.

In this guide, we have come up with our top 5 best Mogadishu hotels.

Top1 Mogadishu hotels: Sahafi Hotel

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When you check out on the list of Mogadishu hotels you cannot skip out on the Sahafi Hotel which is one of the best hotels in all of Mogadishu known very well for the lowest crime rates and high security.

Fair enough for a luxury hotel it has seen no major incidents related to tourists for a very long time. It is one of the most popular hotels accessible and allowed for foreigners including foreign ministry delegates, international press, and TV reports, journalists, and even volunteers of the UN peacekeeping force.

Staffs here are very courteous and dressed in hotel uniforms. They also give you a warm welcome as soon as you arrive at the hotel.

Rooms in this posh hotel would for most of the time be majorly empty and this gives you a chance to find out your comfy room according to your budget and style of living preference.

 Considering the high prices for electricity, coal, and petrol for the standard of living in this hellish part of the world Sahafi hotel still is centrally air-conditioned and has four floors.

If you have come as a foreigner with your family or elder parent then this is one of the safer places to stay in.

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Top 2 Mogadishu hotels: Jazeera Palace Hotel

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The prime benefit that you get in this hotel is that it is located just 300 meters from the Aden Abdulle International Airport. The hotel does have some excellent services to cater to its guests.

And guess what it also has rooms for holding conferences and meetings. Most guests that come here include tv reports, journalists, local businessmen, and diplomats from foreign countries.

The rooms are exceptional and for all types of stay such as vacation or spending a honeymoon.

Equipped with all modern amenities and the courteous and welcoming nature of the staff will allow you to forget that you are staying in one of the most dangerous countries in the world feared for its crimes, terrorism, theft, and gun violence. Its name comes in the list of elite and Mogadishu hotels.

The best part is that you can get online booking facilities directly to this hotel through its website or a customer helpline number.

There are numerous advantages on why you would want to choose this hotel in your list of Mogadishu travel advice guides.


The hotel provides local sightseeing tours to the local places such as the Bakari market, Liido Beach which is one of the famous Mogadishu beaches, Government house, lighthouse, Gazira beach, etc.


This hotel also provides an in-house restaurant in which you can try out some of the famous Somalian cuisines such as sambusa a fried item, bariis Ishkukaris, malawah, anjero, Somali chai tea, Sabaayad.

For accommodations, you can get various types of hotels rooms at varying budgets giving you enough options to check out.

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Top 3 Mogadishu hotels: Peace Hotel

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The name Peace Hotel has not been given after just for giving the hotel any name but indeed it justifies its name. During the time of the violence and the rise of the local militia in Somalia, this hotel is the one that provided safe accommodation for local citizens and even foreign nationals who could not flee the country.

The name of this hotel is so famous in the war-torn country that you can find it in the Mogadishu travel advice of many famous magazines such as the Time magazine. The hotel has been named as the best hotel for stay for both local travelers, foreign nationals, and all tourists several times.

Most famously Time magazine has described this hotel as the ‘best hotel in hell’.

And security is not all that you get here. You can also get access to modern amenities in the rooms such as getting wifi access, air conditioners, buffet restaurants serving many local and international delicacies.

The hotel security is so tight here that even in the cost of booking the rooms and booking tours and safaris is included a special measure that you are not going to get in any other Mogadishu hotels.

And that is your private guards who are armored soldiers with armed guns to provide tight security for you as soon as you leave the hotel premises.

The best part is that you being near the airport you can get arrive easily after catching flights to Mogadishu. You can hire any cab to get here as this is one of the famous hotels in all of Mogadishu.

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Top 4 Mogadishu hotels: Decale Hotel Mogadishu

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This hotel is offering one of the best safe stays for all guests including providing all modern amenities for you.

The international hotel is very near to the airport as well and is within a radius of two kilometers. Thus after catching flights to Mogadishu you can easily arrive here.  

You can also get various local delicacies served to you in the in-house buffet and seating restaurant. The rooms are spacious and cheap offering all amenities such as both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms, wifi, parking access, local sightseeing tours to Mogadishu University, beaches national parks, Bakara market, and others.

Your stay at this hotel is also safe. Sure enough that being so near to the airport the most common types of guests that you see here are businessmen, foreign diplomats, UN peacekeeping volunteers, and even some local and foreign tourists.

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Top 5 Mogadishu hotels: Shamo hotel

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Shamo Hotel, Mogadishu

Shamo Hotel is a name that you can also find in mostly all Mogadishu travel advice guides. Hotel Shamo is one of the premier hotels to stay in Mogadishu offering you wide amenities, tight security in a living hell such as Somalia, and offering a load of other cuisines and tour guides.

The hotel is widely acclaimed for its courteous staff that offers you comfort and luxury and welcome although the country is marred by crimes, terror, and violence.

you can even stay in your hotel round the clock as you get access to all the amenities here and rarely need to go out of the hotel premises. Hotel Shamo features its bar and restaurant offering mostly local cuisines and some international cuisines.

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