Mogadishu International Airport: The New Gateway to Africa

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The Most Spectacular Places to visit in Somalia

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Beautiful Somalia: A Land of Contrasts

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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mogadishu

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Top 5 Best Mogadishu Hotels (with Photos)

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Mogadishu Beaches (With Photos & Videos)

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Jazeera Beach: The Most Beautiful Beach in Somalia!

Jazeera Beach or Xeebta Jazeera lies on the shore of the Somalia city near Mogadishu, capital of Somalia. Located on ...
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Surprising Secrets Behind Liido Beach in Mogadishu

Overlooking the Great Somalia Sea, in the vibrant city of Mogadishu, lies the quiet Liido Beach. Just a small strip ...
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Prominent journalist killed in Mogadishu suicide bombing

World Prominent journalist killed in Mogadishu suicide bombing A prominent Somali journalist who was a staunch critic of jihadist group ...
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Mogadishu Travel

Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia. Piror tot he civil war, Mogadishu was known as the white pearl of the Indian Ocean. A major commercial city in Africa, this city has a wealth of commercial and tourist hotspots for you to enjoy. Mogadishu has gone through a rapid reconstruction following the war, and has many new hotels, embassies and other tourist infrastructure for you to enjoy. 

Somalia has the largest coastline in Africa with a coastline of 3300 km along the Indian Ocean. This long line of beautiful beaches can be home to some of the best tourist destinations. Thousands of people have already come to Mogadishu’s famous beaches such as Lido Beach or Jazeera beach to relax and enjoy the scorching sun along the Indian Ocean.

Mogadishu Tourist Attractions

The are many unique tourist attractions in Mogadishu that you can visit today. We recommend Liido Sea Beach, the Union Mosque, Bakara Market and Old Shanghai City as these location showcase Mogadishu’s picturesque landscape and vibrant history. 

Bakaara market is a famed open marketing in Mogadishu that has been operating since 1972. This market sells everything from trinkets to daily essentials, and also has a wealth of other unique goodies available to purchase. 

It is recommended that tourists visit hotel restaurants as these offer the unique traditional cuisine of Mogadishu in guaranteed safety. Two great places to stay include the Hotel Nasa Hablod and the Sahafi Hotel. 

The Somali people are kind and love to share their culture with tourists. A strong belief in love states is what sets the Somali people apart. They are willing to share their culture, food and language with you and are excited to see more tourists coming to the nation following the pandemic. 

Many Somali’s living in Mogadishu rely on tourism income to support their families. Because of this, it’s important to use local tour guides and services when you are visiting Mogadhisu. This means you can support the local Somali people who are focused on making you trip a memorable one.

Somalia News | Somaliland

The Best Places to visit in Hargeisa 2022

All the best Hargeisa travel tips including things to do in Hargeisa, Best Places to visit in Hargeisa, Top Somaliland attractions, accommodation in Somaliland and everything you need to plan a trip to Somaliland. The largest city and capital of Somaliland is called Hargeisa. It is situated in the Horn of Africa’s Maroodi Jeex area. …

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Jubbaland | Somalia News

The Most Unforgettable Moments in Kismayo

Planning to visit Kismayo, Somalia? These travel tips, photos and destination advice will help you plan your trip to Kismaayo, Jubbaland. In Somalia’s southern Lower Juba (Jubbada Hoose) province, Kismayo or Kismaayo is a port city. It serves as the autonomous Jubaland region’s business hub. The city is located close to the mouth of the …

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Erayo Somali Ah

Raaxada Raga: Ma u sameysay ninkaaga sidaan oo kale?

Ku soo dhawoow qormo cajiib ah oo ku saabsan raaxada raga qaasatan meelaha dareenka badan ee ay raga ka kacsadaan. Meelahani waa meelo gaar ah oo dumarka qaar aysan garaneynin, haddii aad raacdo tilmaamahani waxaan kuu balan qaadeynaa in ninkaaga naaag kale xittaa uusan kaa damceynin. In aad barato raaxada raga waa wax aad u …

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Erayo Somali Ah

Erayo xikmad leh oo aanan caadi ahayn

Ku soo dhawoow erayo xikmad leh gaar ahaan kuwo cajiib ah, kuwo marka aad akhrisato alley lahee maankaaga deegayo. Ma ogtahay erayada ugu quruxda badan ee lagu hadaaqo inay yihiin erayo xikmad leh gaar ahaan kuwa qoraal ah. Mise la socotaa adeegsiga erayo xikmad leh oo qoraal ah in ay saameyn ku yeelan karaan noloshaada? …

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Erayo Somali Ah

Erayo sarbeeb ah gaar ahaan kuwo xul ah

Waxa uu ii soo diray erayo sarbeeb ah gaar ahaan kuwo murti, xikmad iyo jaceyl ah, anna waan fahmay waxa uu iga damacsan yahay. Ma ahayn erayo sarbeeb ah oo kaliya ee waxay ahaayeen erayo aad i farxad geliyay misana iga keenay in aan u dhoola cadeeyo. Intaa waxaa dheer erayadaasi waxay ahaayeen kuwo qalbigeyga soo …

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Hirshabelle | Somalia News

Jowhar: A Hidden Gem in Somalia

The Hirshabelle state of Somalia is headquartered in the city of Jowhar. Jowhar serves as the seat of government for Somalia’s Middle Shabelle area. North of Mogadishu, the country’s capital, the city is located 90 kilometers along the main route. Because of a variety of factors, this city is regarded as a hidden treasure in Somalia. …

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