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Puntland Tourism

Puntland is bordered by Somaliland, the Gulf of Aden in the north, the guardafui Channel in the northeast, the Indian Ocean in the southeast, the central Galmudug State in the south, and Ethiopia in the southwest

Puntland is a beautiful state in northeastern Somalia, renowned for its abundant coastline and production of unique products including frankincense, myrrh and arabic gum. The majority of its population live in the rapidly urbanising Puntland cities of Garowe, Bosaso, Qardho, and Ceerigaabo.

Travel is forget the time and remember life

Travel provides a fantastic appourtunity for you to learn many things. Yes, you gain knowledge from travel guides, and you may be able to visualize what you are reading about but nothing compares to actually feeling the sun of your face or the snow in your hair.

There are many things to do in this vibrant region. Puntland offers many beautiful natural landscapes to explore. The expansive history of Puntland is captured within its architecture, culture and other experiences. 

Bosaso in Puntland is one of the most rapidly developing cities in the entirety of Africa. The stability of Puntland as well as the wealth of international investment into the nation makes it the perfect destination for tourists wishing to explore Somalia after the pandemic. 

You will love getting to explore some of the most spectacular coastline within Africa. White sandy beaches that unspoilt by tourists means you can sunbathe on impeccable beaches and see unique nature such as the long-tailed tuna and bonito up close. 

Islam is the majority culture of Puntland so it is important that you respect the dress code. Women are expected to cover their entire body aside from their hands and feet, and men are expected to wear dress that covers their knees. 

Bosaso offers many lovely swimming spots that you can enjoy. Fast-growing, Bosaso offers many dining and tourism offerings. The locals are super friendly and are always happy to share their cuisine and knowledge with you. If you’re interested in war history, Bosaso has many ruins and historical tours that you can explore. 

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