Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mogadishu

Mogadishu best restaurants 2022 – My Must Eats of The Year’ blog post is always my favourite to write because I can sit and reminisce about the wonderful things I’ve eaten in the last 12 months. This year I’ve eaten in some of the best restaurants in Mogadishu so believe me, this wasn’t an easy one to put together. So here they are. In particular order, 10 best places in Mogadishu you MUST eat in 2022!

What are best restaurants in Mogadishu?

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Somali cuisine is a cuisine from the Horn of Africa. It shares many traditional dishes with Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine, such as tsebhis (stews) served with injera (canjeera). It also has influences from Italian cuisine as a result of its colonization, and it varies from region to region, resulting in a fusion of different Somali culinary traditions. It is the result of Somalia’s long history of trade and commerce.

Mogadishu is known for several top-rated restaurants displaying Somalian cuisine in all its glory. Read on to know more about the best restaurants in Mogadishu!

Top 1: Pizza House Mogadishu

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Pizza House Mogadishu is a sophisticated restaurant in Mogadishu that serves three brands of standardized pizza, as well as other fast food and snacks. They also offer 7D Cinema (the only virtual reality movies in Mogadishu). This is one of the best in Mogadishu restaurants and offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The ambiance is quite inviting, and the food quality speaks for itself. This restaurant, located in Hodan District, near Zobe Junction, serves food until late at night and is a popular dining spot for a variety of occasions.

Top 2: Istanbul Restaurant

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Istanbul Restaurant is among the Mogadishu restaurants that provide international cuisines with a local touch and organic freshness. With an authentic Turkish menu, Istanbul Restaurant allows diners to experience foreign cuisine fused with Somalian styles and techniques. With a rating of 4.3 out of 5, it is reviewed to be among the best restaurants in Mogadishu! The aesthetic is an important factor to consider in fine dining, hence, Istanbul Restaurant includes a well-gardened yard in its serving space. Diners can utilize the space for photos or simply enjoy the peace and serenity of nature.

Top 3: Salsabiil Restaurant

salsabiil, salsabiil restaurant mogadishu, mogadishu somalia

Salsabiil Restaurant offers the perfect combination of comfort fast food. Among the best in Mogadishu restaurants, this place offers dine-in as well as delivery services. With extremely economical prices, Salsabiil Restaurant provides a wide range of dishes in its services, from a simple cup of latte to a fancy steak dinner, all of which is well within the average price range for fast food.

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Top 4: Elite Hotel & Restaurant

If you are looking for a good place to try out seafood or just want to have a breezy spot to meet with friends for coffee, Elite Hotel & Restaurant is the place to choose. With a highly economical price range, this place is among the best restaurants in Mogadishu. Offering a wide range of sandwiches, seafood, pizzas, and drinks, Elite Hotel & Restaurant is known to have it all! What’s more, the name itself represents amazing and aesthetically pleasing views while dining. Plus they also accept multiple forms of payments, so no need to worry about your credit card not charging here!

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Top 5: Zaytuun Restaurant

zeytuun restaurant mogadishu, mogadishu restaurants, zaytuun restaurant mogadishu

Located in Hajji Basto Area, Makkah Almukarramah road, Zaytuun Restaurant is the definition of fine dining. With an excellent rating, this place is included in the list of the best restaurants in Mogadishu. Zaytuun Restaurant gives Somalian cuisine a pristine twist where the native flavors work in a fusion to create dishes that are a treat for the taste buds as well as the eyes. What’s more, they also provide food delivery services to your doorstep. So if eating out isn’t on your agenda, you can always experience the high-end Somalian cuisine in the comfort of your home.

Top 6: The Village Restaurant

the village restaurant mogadishu somalia

With multiple branches in Mogadishu, The Village Restaurant deserves its well-earned spot among the best restaurants in Mogadishu. They have a reasonable price range and are primarily known to serve some of the best burgers in town. The restaurant is known to grow their ingredients in their greenhouses and have experience providing service to known politicians and public figures. So you can be sure that this restaurant provides nothing but quality! Plus the presentation of the food adds on to the excellent reputation.

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Top 7: Nibble and Nosh Restaurant

nibble and nosh restaurant mogadishu

With a great rating of 4 stars out of 5, Nibble and Nosh Restaurant is among the selected Mogadishu restaurants which provide great service and even greater food. The restaurant provides a fusion of American and Somalian cuisines so you can be sure to experience a rollercoaster of flavors. The staff and servers communicate in English, scoring the restaurant a rating of ‘very good’ on the traveler index. If you are craving a rich steak cooked to perfection, head over to Nibble and Nosh Restaurant.

Top 8: Ocean View Mogadishu

ocean view mgoadishu, ocean view muqdisho

Ocean View Mogadishu has a sparkling rating of 5 out of 5 stars, putting it at the top of the list of the best restaurants in Mogadishu. The restaurant is a product of creative and innovative projects completed by the Somalian youth and has made its mark in the fine-dining world. It is a perfect spot for corporate dinners and other formal events. The aesthetics and the food make up for a great experience indeed.

Top 9: Liido Seafood

liido seafood restaurant, Mogadishu Somalia

Another restaurant with a remarkable rating of 5 out of 5 stars, Liido Restaurant is on the top of the chart as one of the best restaurants in Mogadishu. The location of the restaurant has been specifically chosen to provide comfort and leisure all in the same place. The restaurant has an incredible beachside view and impeccable quality of food. With indoor dining services, Liido Seafood is an extremely popular dining spot in Mogadishu.

Top 10: Paradise Inn Restaurant

Paradise Inn Restaurant menu

Rated as one of the top Mogadishu restaurants, Paradise Inn Restaurant is a popular spot for tourists and vacationers. They have several cafes in the park where you can sit and relax while enjoying a hearty meal and a refreshing beverage, or you can grab and-go. When organic ingredients from sustainable agriculture are available, the expert culinary staff uses them. It is, indeed, the place to go if you simply want to grab a cup of coffee while out shopping.

To conclude?

Mogadishu has a vast variety of high-end dining options where you can appreciate the uniqueness of Somalian as well as international cuisines. So be sure to do your research and use our blog as a guide to navigate through the best restaurants in Mogadishu!

Writer: Mustafa Mmj

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