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Visit South West Somalia

The South-West State of Somalia is bordered by Jubbaland and Ethiopia. This incredible state is home to many unique natural landscapes and vibrant historical landmarks. 

South West Somalia is unique as it is home to many different cultural groups. The coast of Koofur Orsi is settled by the Bilmaal clan. This unique landscape is also home to the Barwani, Banadri and Sheekhaal communities.

Barawa is the capital of this region. Founded in 900AD by the Dacfarad sub-clan, this area was surrounded by the Sunni people. The Sunni sultanate used Barawa as their capital. At this time, Barawa was renowned for its craftsmanship. They crafted sandals, weapons and utensils and traded them with other regions in Somalia. You can still see historic landmarks that celebrate this medieval history of Barawa. 

Barawa came under Italian rule in 1908 and was incorporated into the Italian Somaliland in 1910 after the death of the Sultan. The region experienced many years of civil unrest. However, in 2014, the city became settled by the President once more. 

With over 32,000 living in Barawa, the city is home to many cultural groups. This means there are plenty of unique food offerings and experiences for tourists to enjoy. Locals here love to share their knowledge with tourists and many idnidivudals rely on the income from the tourism industry to support their families. 

Barawa is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including turquoise waters, white beaches and warm climate. No matter what time of the year you decide to visit here, you will enjoy getting to swim in luxurious beaches. The sunsets here are also incredible.

Tourists need to respect the culture here. Islam is practiced and shariah law is maintained here. Women need to dress respectfully and cover everything aside form their hands and feet. Men must also wear traditional, respectful dress and are not allowed to show their knees. 

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