The Ultimate Guide to Travel to Mogadishu

Travel to Mogadishu? These Mogadishu travel tips and destination advice will help you create your own dream trip to Mogadishu, Somalia. Mogadishu the capital of Somalia is one of the least visited African destinations. When most people think of traveling to Mogadishu they think about humanitarian aid and support.

But if you are one of those travelers who like to find out hidden small gems of attractive destinations even in the not so popular traveling destinations then here is the best Mogadishu travel advice guide for you.

If you are a fan of seeing the most pristine beaches that are empty and want to enjoy some privacy or want to visit some of the rarest national parks and reserves then or even checking out on rarely visited yet beautiful UNESCO world heritage sites then you are welcome into this least visited African land.

How to travel to Mogadishu

You get to travel to Mogadishu by flight if you are coming from abroad which is the best way indeed. Coming from abroad you might have problems getting into the country due to its strict immigrant and cross-border permit rules.

Getting a Somalian visa might be tough if you are willing to travel to Mogadishu for a vacation on your own. Generally getting the visa is easier if you are a government diplomat, UN peace worker, or so on.

But that being said if you are reluctant to get your visa you can get it although you might have to toil around for months.

There are many flights to Mogadishu and several airways are conducting regular flights to the country some of the famous airline companies being Turkish airlines, East African airlines, African Express airways for domestic flights, and Jubba Airways.

It can get a bit riskier for you to get into the city by road or car without hiring local militia there. 

Anyways now that you have got into the city of Mogadishu the Somalian capital your next priority is to find out the best and safest places to stay in.

So we have come up with some of the best places to stay in Mogadishu here. Let’s find out…

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Mogadishu Airport Hotel

Decale Airport Mogadishu is one of the best hotels to stay if you are a diplomat or have come there only for a short trip as a humanitarian aid worker or as a volunteer of the US peacekeeping force. The amenities are nice and it’s just one mile from the airport.

City Palace Hotel

This is one of the best places to stay for those who have come on short business trips or for work. it is located in a secure place and has all the amenities you can find in.

Hotel Nasa Hablod

It is also very near to the airport at just over two kilometers and comes on the list of best Mogadishu hotels. And guess what there are also various amenities to around including restaurants, meeting rooms, TV, internet access, and rooms too have air conditioners.

Hotel Shamo

This is one of the hotels that does have some large rooms with full AC and internet access. You can also have electricity 24 hours a day which is considered a delicacy at least in Somalia. The prices of the hotels are within the comfortable range as well and it is near the fish market too.

Top tourist attractions in Mogadishu

Next on our Mogadishu travel advice, we are going to give you an idea of the best tourist attractions in Mogadishu. But traveling around being a foreigner in this part of the world can be a bit risky with probabilities of theft and murder being very high.

We recommend hiring a safe and renowned local sightseeing travel guide to help you.

Shanghai Old City Mogadishu

This has some of the best Mogadishu beaches such as Sugunto Liido and scenic points but it is primarily closed and controlled by warlords these days.

Liido Beach

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Liido Beach, Mogadishu

Flock around on your weekends in this rare hidden gem which is considered among the top Mogadishu beaches with white pristine sand.

Union Mosque

It is one of the cultural destinations where local Islamic people come for prayers. It is a popular tourist destination and is safe for foreigners.

Mogadishu Cathedral

Made of vintage Italian architecture this is one of the go-to sites to check out some art and heritage of Somalia.

Peace Garden Mogadishu

Peace Garden Mogadishu “Beerta Nabada” is a garden in the heart of Mogadishu that was created with the intention of promoting peace, tolerance, and understanding. The garden is home to a number of sculptures and murals that aim to promote these values and encourage people to come together and work towards peace.

The garden is located in the heart of the city, close to many popular tourist attractions. It is a great place to relax after a day of exploring the city, and it is also a great place to meet other visitors and share your experiences. The garden is a great place to learn about the history of Mogadishu and the cultural traditions of the local people.

Bakara Market

Infamously known for the Black Hawk Down site, this Bakara Market is one of the top sightseeing destinations. The colonial market set up in 1972 still lives to this day.

Jazeera Beach

Jazeera beach is of the top names in the list of best beaches in Somalia and you can also do some boat renting and wave surfing on a boat here. It is safe for the tourists here.

Mogadishu University

Mogadishu University is among the top institutes in Somalia providing higher education on several streams for a brighter career and prospect for Somalian teenagers.

National Theatre of Somalia

The National Theatre of  Somalia is a public theatre in Mogadishu, Somalia. The theatre was built in 1967 and served as an important cultural landmark in the national capital. It’s the first public theatre in the country. The theatre is a popular venue for theatrical performances, as well as for concerts and other events.

Top places to eat in Mogadishu

Many places are safer for eating as well. Places such as Gen Café, the Village Restaurant, Nibble and Nosh, Faay burgers, Gioia café, Cadani chicken and chips are quite famous.

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Somalia does have some interesting local cuisine items on its list. If you visit the best Mogadishu hotels then you might as well get to try out some of the best local cuisines from in-house restaurants.

Throughout the centuries there have been various culinary influences in Somalian cuisine. You can see the influence of countries like Turkey, India, the Arab nations, and Ethiopia.

You can try out on Sabaayad a flatbread, Sambusa or a fry, Canjeero made out of staple items, Doolshe Burro a delicacy soft cake, Kac Kac a festive time crunchy food item, Malawah or the local Somalian breakfast, Icun a type of cookie and so on….

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